8 Reasons Why Viventis is the Best Place to Work

While most people prefer top-gun companies like Google or Amazon or Microsoft, some people prefer different value propositions from various companies. Today’s workforce defines a company as not a place to work in and just earn a living; it’s a place to learn, share ideas, broaden knowledge, develop talents, upskill and reskill, and among others. The workplace of today has become more interesting and complex. 

While companies choose the employees carefully, several talents don’t consider choosing which company to work for. Often, a lot makes a wrong choice and ends up stuck in careers and employers which they dislike. 

Companies must have opportunities for growth, retains a life outside of work, and provides an expanse of benefits for their employees— and that’s where we come in: Viventis Search Asia.

What do you know about Viventis? Who are we? 

Viventis is a thought and market-leader in the human capital solutions and career creation industry which focuses on Talent Attraction, Talent Development, and Career Technology. With over 17 years of proven expertise in career management and people development, ultimately believing in the future of work and aiming at “future-proofing human capital.” With a strong regional presence in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore.

So, why us? Here are 8 reasons why Viventis is the best place to work!

VSA is a great place to work!

Overall, we are one of the few places that’s great to work in! Having a great work culture is one of the most critical points in an employee’s work life; helping everyone to achieve work-life integration and balance.Overall, we are one of the few places that’s great to work in! Having a great work culture is one of the most critical points in an employee’s work life; helping everyone to achieve work-life integration and balance. 

Rock the Halloween with Viventis!

Stability? We got you covered!

Most employees look long-term in terms of career.  May it be in experience, promotions, gradual increase in compensation, or just security for the future.  Working with a forward-driven company fueled by over 17 years of strong foundation, growth and stability are things we can give you!

Viventis Regional Team Kickoff

We’ve got infrastructure and tools for development!

Being in the human capital industry, we understand that candidates’ skills and talents are in high demand. Viventis invests not only in our people but also infrastructure and tools to help our individuals learn new skills and develop existing ones.

We have our consultants undergo the LinkedIn Professional Recruitment Certification, utilize CRM/ATS Platforms, and we even have our own career center for our training and workshops!

Career Center in EDSA Shangri-la, Manila.

LinkedIn Certified Passers in 2018.

We’re not just all about work, we’re into a LOT of FUN, too!

Yes, business is business, but that doesn’t stop us from engaging in activities outside work. We also focus on our social purpose by volunteering and CSR activities! Some of the events we’ve had was with Society for the Aged Sick in Singapore, PERTIWI Soup Kitchen in Malaysia, and BenCab Art Foundation Outreach in the Philippines, where we’ve distributed food and goodie packs to beneficiaries. And there’s more to look forward to! Let’s be active participants in social purpose together!

With the people in Society for the Aged Sick in Singapore.

Volunteering at PERTIWI Soup Kitchen, Malaysia.

Viventis Philippines doing an outreach for the kids in a school in Baguio.

Viventis Philippines during their annual summer outing.

Strong employer brand? We got it!

With our regional presence across APAC, we are widely connected with top executives and companies, making ourselves known for our quality work and grown as a major player in the recruitment field and human capital solutions.

Given the Corporate Excellence Award at the 2018 Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards (APEA) and Asia’s Most Promising SME at the 2018 Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability (ACES) Awards show that Viventis has been recognized as a business with outstanding performance and tenacity in the human capital industry, corporate leadership, and operational excellence.

Experience? Great but highly demanding!

Working with us brings great experience. Growth will never be an issue and you get to work with a lot of talented colleagues. Work can get a bit demanding but it’s a good ground for you to work on your management skills! You will be given a great opportunity to learn, being one of the most successful HR solutions companies, you are given a golden and a vast opportunity to learn new things.

Our Singapore team with the attendees of our Learning Agility Summit.

The Talent Summit 2019 in Four Seasons Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

TalenTech 2019 in EDSA Shangri-la, Philippines.

Innovative? Unlike others, we’ve got the tech!

In this age of digital transformation and in the business of human capital, technology and the way it has evolved has really made a mark. It helps improve the business processes to increase efficiency and productivity.

Viventis has partnered with various tech companies to stay true to its mission in the future of career creation using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science. A few of our partners are LinkedIn, Degreed, Ascendify, Assense, and Predictive Hire. With the gradual digital transformation of Viventis, AI has made talent attraction more immersive and transformative. With the power of AI, we can automate and augment scouting and talent matching, and among others.

Event participant is immersed in a demonstration for Assense.

We are under authentic and strong leadership.

Of course, the success of the company can be traced back to its roots— the leadership. At the helm of Viventis is an accoladed visionary and game changer who’s responsible for veering away from antiquated recruitment processes, centering on career well-being as a focus on managing and developing careers.

Yu Ming Chin, the Founder and Executive Director of Viventis has been recognized by LinkedIn as a Thought Leader in Digital Talent and has been part of the LinkedIn’s Leaders Who Inspire: Era of Talent Intelligence.

Leading the future of career creation, he believes in leadership as “empowerment with solidarity.” It isn’t just about delegating authority and being called a leader—it’s about preparing and trusting people to share their insight and knowledge and changing the way we work in the frontlines.

He has derived the company’s name from the Latin word “vivir” which means “life,” to express his commitment to improving the situation of our clients and job candidates, bringing them to their highest potential together.

While it may seem frustrating that other companies can’t make their employees care, we can. Your skills and experience will make an impact!

Viventis is looking for someone like you!

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