An ultimate decision-making platform for candidate assessment across the board

with minimal effort and unmatched level of certainty

The ULTIMATE Behavioral Assessment Platform

Assense by Actiview brings a cutting-edge technology that enables to gauge the behavioral and cognitive talent in real-life simulations that predicts his fit.  It compares candidate’s results to the company’s DNA through cloud-computing.

 The science behind this break-through innovation is built on spatial data structures and the latest academic research in the fields of neuroscience, psychology and machine learning.

How Does it Work

How Does it Work

Why Assense

Assense makes simple sense.
It’s the ultimate decision-making platform for candidate assessment across the board, with minimal effort and unmatched level of certainty.


Unlock new layers of crucial information about your candidate’s competencies.


Make bias-free, evidence-based, data-driven recruiting decisions for a better candidate fit

Decision Support

Adaptive tool for making optimal recruiting decisions that maximize your ROI


Bespoke algorithms match talent with your corporate culture and job specifications

The Assessment Process

The Assessment Process

What We Measure

Assense factors in and analyzes a wide range of variables to deliver a full picture of your candidate. Below are the key categories:


Set of tests to identify essential personality traits of your candidate – agreeableness, risk taking, openness to new experiences and more – all critical for accurate assessment and fit.

Cognitive Skills

Set of tests designed to evaluate your candidate’s cognitive skills, such as problem solving, in accordance with the position requirements and future work team.

Work Methodologies

Assense tests your candidates’ approach to crucial work-related situations such as their approach to problem-solving, productivity over time, out-of-the-box thinking, coping with change, etc.


Our proprietary tests leverage the latest scientific tools and findings to measure candidate credibility, loyalty, moral development, and more, for a precise assessment of his level of integrity.


We use analytical tools to examine how your candidates contends with real-life situations, delivering reliable insight on the factors which motivate them to perform the job duties at hand.

Empower Your Employer Brand

As the race for talent becomes even more competitive, employer branding plays an increasingly important role in attracting top candidates. Assense takes candidates on an immersive journey that starts with a mixed-reality virtual tour covering the key spots, products, events and accomplishments of your company. Your candidate gets to meet selected employees, explore global offices and experience the corporate culture first hand. This gives companies the opportunity to deeply engage candidates in the many aspects of their brand identity, in interactive and highly engaging new ways.

Assense provides the ultimate talent experience for deeper employer brand empowerment