Building “Grisiliency” and Thriving Amidst COVID-19

The outbreak of COVID-19 and the subsequently enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) has impacted the daily lives of billions of people worldwide and has sparked a sense of fear and uncertainty for many. This has been especially true in the Philippines, wherein the government has just recently bolstered its efforts in staving the infection rates by considering stricter lockdown protocols.

These measures, albeit necessary, have had a direct effect on all industries and in most cases a negative one. How have you, your teams, your organization responded to this adversity? In what ways might your company respond more effectively?

The World Health Organization (WHO), has established a six-phased approach toward national preparedness and response to a pandemic. As the Philippines endures the pandemic phases of 5-6 (widespread human infection), we have no choice but to find ways to persist toward maintaining our health (and the health of our families), meeting our financial responsibilities, and continuing essential business activities.

Pandemic Phases:

Each phase comes with its own set of risks and protocol but phase 4 is when things start to significantly escalate. How we respond now and beyond this phase will determine the overall impact this pandemic will have…both currently and the foreseeable future.

So this begs the question…”What will our new normal feel like beyond this pandemic?” In this article, we can see there are some clear signs beginning to emerge. What do you want life to look like beyond this situation? What can you do as a leader to help others respond, even better, to any and all adversities that may arise?

For over three decades our global institute, Peak Learning, has been studying the ways humans respond to adversity in order to establish our Adversity Quotient (AQ) and Grit. Our research is grounded in 11 foundational sciences, drawing from more than 5,000 studies that include a highly diverse sample of over one million people worldwide.

When it comes to today’s adversity-rich environment, leadership competencies only go so far. Many of the most “competent” leaders fall short in the face of adversity. How effectively and consistently do you make decisions, solve problems, innovate, keep cool, remain focused, execute, and lead others in this unprecedented circumstance? How are you likely to act once things become somewhat normal?

During our webinar, we will take a closer look at how we typically respond to our adversities…small, medium, and critical and how we might respond more effectively. You will be equipped with one of our most tested and proven tools in order to maximize your odds of harnessing any adverse situation.

In order to further enhance the effectiveness of this program, we encourage you to answer the online questionnaire that was sent along with this article. We would also like to thank you for your participation in this timely program and we look forward to seeing you in our webinar on May 6.  Till then stay safe, stay home, and stay “grisilient!”

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