Degreed and the Transformative Leader

As a leader, you know you are entering the future of work when you are tasked to develop leaders of the next generation and it is not as easy since the skills of the future are unpredictable. You are also asked to evolve your leadership.

Degreed will fit very well with leaders like you who have placed your employees in the spotlight. Your organization has traced experience journeys, re-imagined your people processes to support these journeys, and made sure that your promises to your employees are kept. In return, employees are given wider responsibility to be innovative about business and operational issues, sharpen their decisions and make judgment calls with full accountability. This is a huge jump from the steep control hierarchy of the past; the future workplace thrives on an accountability principle where information powers decision-making throughout all levels of the workforce in different rhythms and intensities. Perhaps you can imagine by now that your organization will become one where work mimics play to attain business outcomes.

There are cultural characteristics where Degreed is both an enabler and a motivator. Since it is a digital platform, it uses social learning and networking to hasten collaboration – you can follow experts, discuss in groups, create learning pathways together and provide feedback fast. You can envision knowledge and ideas coming out of every part of the organization and can be evidenced through shorter time to skill proficiency. Change is a lot more palatable through learning – you will be able to mutate roles, support cross-training, anticipate future skills, automate skill development for critical roles, and revive misaligned talents. Your employees must have found a workplace where owning their learning, engagement and career is realistic and actionable. More so, people managers can own their role as performance and career coaches with a lifelong learning platform at their disposal.

 Your legacy lies in how you are able to transform your organization into something that anticipates the future and optimizes the capacity of human relationships to achieve meaningful goals. Community building is key. And who knows, you will strike gold in creating a workplace that empowers a good life through learning.

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