Delivering the Intelligent Platform for Talent Transformation

The age of talent frustration is past. The age of the Talent Intelligence Platform is here.

Talent Intelligence Platform

People Are Your Greatest Asset

The Eightfold Talent Intelligence Platform empowers modern companies to address their urgent talent challenges with improved candidate discovery, unprecedented efficiency, and a revolutionary candidate experience.

Faster time to candidate interview

Get an instant list of qualified and engaged candidates for all your open roles

Reduction in cost to actually hire

Use AI to uncover highly qualified and interested candidates in your talent network

Reduction in regrettable attrition

Uncover and engage at-risk employees to avoid attrition

Improvement in candidate relevance

Match candidates to the jobs that best fit their capabilities

Talent Acquisition

Eightfold’s AI powered Talent Acquisition Software enables you to review millions of profiles from your talent pool in seconds

Source, calibrate & hire candidates with AI

Eightfold’s AI power finds the people most likely to succeed in a job based on their skills and potential, identifying great people often missed by legacy keyword-based screening. Find more information about Eightfold’s Talent Acquisition Software.

All the talent you need within a few seconds

Screen candidates automatically and receive Instant Ranked Pipelines of talent, overcoming the inadequacies of keyword-based searches.

Instant Pipeline
Make it easy for hiring managers to define job requirements

Immediately find candidates with the same ability to succeed as your best people

Ideal Candidates
Select relevant capabilities and experiences to find the best match

Find the people with the right skills for any job from millions of profiles.

Job Calibration
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Talent Diversity

Remove bias, provide accountability, and deliver the diversity your board of directors and your workforce demand

Select the best candidates based on capabilities alone

Hide all evidence of personal characteristics so hiring managers cannot see age, gender, ethnicity, geography, or other bias-triggering factors

Candidate Masking
Measure diversity efforts in detail, and in real time

Identify where diversity candidates leave the hiring process to take corrective action. Use pre-built dashboards of hiring funnels sortable by EEOC category, hiring stages, department, geography, and other criteria.

Diversity Analytics
Embed accountability in your hiring process

Your policies matter. With Eightfold Talent Diversity, you can actively enforce your policies and prove that they are followed.

Turn Policy into Results
Promote inclusion with internal mobility in the workplace

Show each individual how to add skills and move forward in their career proactively. Each person receives the same opportunity to advance, the cornerstone of an inclusive organization.

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Talent Management

Move from employer centric to employee-centric
Empower employees to take control of their careers

A career coach for every employee

Recommend the next step an employee should take to pursue a desired career goal, such as a job transfer, a certification, or a specific skill.

Skills & Capabilities Mentoring
Give employees a career path & help them reach their goals with Talent Management

87% of employers say that a strategic internal mobility program would increase their employee retention and bring in better candidates–but just 33% of employers have such a program.

Internal Mobility
Advance your best people before they leave

Eightfold combines your retention program with talent acquisition, so you can consider existing employees for every opportunity.

Grow Within
Provide transparent and equal access to opportunities

Building a diverse workforce requires cultivating your talent, showing each individual they are welcome, and offering mentorship and advancement to everyone.

Direct flight-risk employees to the right internal opportunities

AI predicts which employees are likely to leave the company soon. Take retention actions, including finding internal transfer opportunities customized to each employee.

Flight Risk Tracking
Show your employees a career within your company

Eightfold Career Planner enables your employees to understand their career paths based on their current role, so they can see growth with your company and gain the confidence to stay and pursue it.

Career Pathing
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Talent Experience

Candidate experience starts with your personalized career site
Hire more inbound applicants with Eightfold AI

Show the right jobs to every person instantly

Candidates can upload a resume and instantly match to relevant jobs according to their skills, experience, & interests—and apply with only one click.

Job Matching
Deploy the most effective Talent Chatbot

Engage the candidate to answer any questions and help them to complete the process of applying. Deliver a full personalized experience in the conversational way that many candidates prefer.

Eightfold Chatbot
Increase diverse applicants with personalized content

A personalized Talent Experience displays content matched to a candidate’s profile, including personalized job descriptions & content. Candidates of all backgrounds are more likely to apply when there is full transparency to why they are a match.

Talent Acquisition
Show each candidate why they are a good fit

Eightfold is much faster, more accurate, and more transparent about qualifications and requirements for a job.

Total Transparency
Built-In SEO cuts job board spending

Eightfold builds search engine optimization into your career site, delivering top search rankings without the need for separate spending on LinkedIn, Indeed, and other talent advertising tools.

Career Site SEO
A delightful experience improves your brand

A candidate on a legacy career site becomes lost, confused, nervous, and dispirited. A candidate on an Eightfold-powered career site is engaged and motivated to apply.

Candidate Experience
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The age of talent frustration is past. The age of the Talent Intelligence Platform is here.

With the transformational power of Eightfold, companies can finally pursue a comprehensive talent strategy. AI insights show employees how to grow within a company, so they’re more likely to stay and thrive. Potential-based hiring increases diversity and shows every employee why they belong.