Viventis takes home “Asia’s Most Promising SMEs” Award

Over the last 17 years, Viventis Search Asia has grown into a major player in the field of recruitment and human capital solutions. Fueled by its mission to “ignite careers”, it has become the first company of its kind to veer away from transactional recruitment and center on career well-being as a focal point in managing and developing careers.

Viventis has built its strategy around core values of agility, career, and collaboration. This has proved to be critical in helping the company adapt to the disruptive business environment and utilize technology as a driving force for change.
On October 11, 2018, Viventis’ efforts to disrupt the human capital industry were recognized as it won the “Asia’s Most Promising SME” award at the 2018 Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability (ACES) Awards held at Hotel Fairmont Singapore. This award recognizes an aspiring small-to-medium enterprise in Asia with clear business direction, strong initiatives in driving growth, and immense potential for future growth and job creation. An esteemed panel of business leaders from across the region evaluates nominees not only based on their profitability and excellent corporate performance, but also on their vision on how to sustain success and share this for the common good. Other winners of the ACES Awards this 2018 include Bounty Agro Ventures, Inc., Unilever Philippines, AXA Philippines, Bank of the Philippine Islands, Pilipinas Shell Corporation, Globe Telecom, and Telus International Philippines, Inc.

Viventis wins the award with its game-changing strategy focused on “The Future of Career Creation.” This symbolizes the renaissance of the human profession where people prepare for the 4th industrial revolution and anchor on establishing mastery, autonomy, and purpose. The company foresaw a massive change in the industry and redefined its entire business to help individuals and organizations be future-ready in the age of disruption. “We took this leap to ensure that they are not displaced by technology but instead learn to maximize it in enhancing the new civilization of mankind,” says Viventis Executive Director Yu Ming Chin.
He continues:

“We do not see the future as a takeover of artificial intelligence and technology but as a new renaissance of human profession wherein the mastery that we try to build through capability and technology helps individuals reach a higher purpose imbued by career well-being. This has become the defining and perennial value for success and happiness of mankind, built on the root of vocation.”

This recognition serves as an inspiration for all of Viventis as well as its partners, clients, and candidates. The spark they have ignited in the human capital industry continues to burn and will usher in this new era of passionate profession and career fulfillment. In behalf of the whole organization, Chin thanks their stakeholders and partners for their years of trust and unwavering support. He says “They have played such an instrumental role in the Viventis journey. I look forward to bringing this award home to the Philippines and inspiring other organizations to take the leap towards building a better future.”

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