Viventis Wins Corporate Excellence Award

December 06, 2018- Coming from its recent recognition by the Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability Awards last October, Viventis’ efforts to disrupt Human Capital is once again recognized by another prestigious accolade- the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards (APEA). The company was given the award for Corporate Excellence under the Professional and  Business Services Industry last night at the Manila Marriott Hotel. The APEA is a world-class awards recognizing and honoring business leaders who have shown outstanding performance and tenacity in developing successful businesses within the region

This year’s theme of “Promoting Inclusive Economic Development Through Sustainable Entrepreneurship” was celebrated by 20 outstanding outstanding business leaders and organizations in the region. This year’s beacons of excellence were welcomed by Enterprise Asia’s President, Dato ‘ William Ng. He says, “As advocates of entrepreneurship, we believe that entrepreneurship does not only provide a compelling alternative to individuals to secure their livelihood, but also serve as an important catalyst to promote economic resilience. We want to leverage this program to recognize and honor the dedicated work done by these entrepreneurs who helped to spur economic development in the Philippines.”

Viventis was recognized for exhibiting significant business growth with 17 years of expertise in the human capital industry, corporate leadership and operational excellence. Executive Director Yu Ming Chin represented Viventis to receive the prestigious award.

Putting into a place a clear ten-year execution plan, Viventis envisions itself as the first career-centric business and leaser in the industry with a large geographic coverage across Asia Pacific. It aims to further expand towards the United States and Europe as well, which will culminate in an IPO to fund the whole transformation and grow the business around the world. Chin shares, “It is a humbling moment to be recognized by the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards for Corporate Excellence. For 17 years, Viventis has been continuing its efforts to remake a business of human capital as old as civilization to Industry 4.0.”

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