We provide the latest in career technology to strengthen the recruitment and learning capabilities of our clients and to enrich the digital career experience of our network of professionals.

The Talent Transformation Platform

An Intelligent Talent Transformation Platform that provides total talent solutions to enable business agility.

Autonomous Recruiting

High volume, high turnover roles

Intelligent Recruiting

Automation, hire for fit for strategic roles

Develop and Deploy talent

High volume, high turnover roles

Smart Talent Management Platform

A sophisticated, Artificial Intelligence-enabled shortlisting tool that increases accuracy and diversity when used at the start of the recruiting process.

Recruit Faster

Reduce time to hire and track time to productivity post hire by using AI.

Recruit Fairer

Make good decisions with the right data to test an employees’ intrinsic values, beliefs, and ultimately how they will perform.

Recruit Better

With the right data helping you navigate the correlation between values and future performance, your company can make fair, unbiased decision that avoid bad hires.

Virtual Reality Behavioral Assessment Tool

A Next-Generation Recruiting Platform that provides a data-driven approach to recruiting, utilizing mixed reality and machine learning technologies to learn your specific success metrics and find the optimal match.

Better Matches

x10 faster assessment experience with significantly higher predictive value

Talent Experience

Unprecedented candidate experience delivered through immersive technologies

Bespoke Solution

The only solution that truly understands your unique success factors and leverage them to find the optimal match

Diversity and Inclusion

Increase diversity and remove bias

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