We provide the latest in career technology to strengthen the recruitment and learning capabilities of our clients and to enrich the digital career experience of our network of professionals.

AI Powered Talent Intelligence Platform

Built on AI the Eightfold Talent Intelligence Platform provides a single source of action for all people in the business: your recruited talent, your applicants current and past, your employees and your alumni.

Talent Acquisition

Source, engage &hire for every role with one global solution

Talent Diversity

Reveal & remove the sources of bias and accelerate your diversity imperative

Talent Management

Reward employees with career paths, not just a job

Talent Experience

Attracts top candidates with a transparent & personalized experience

Computational curiosity for better decisions

A conversational AI questioning engine, powered by natural language processing, knowledge graph and deep transfer learning

Technology that is endlessly scalable

Ask questions to everyone that matters. We have developed our technology to scale automatically with increases in user engagement, so that more people can be reached.

Uncover rich, structured insights

Questions set the context. This means that data can be easily collected in a way that is ready for analytics and action-taking.

LinkedIn Solutions

Viventis is a Regional Partner of LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network. 

As a regional partner, we offer LinkedIn Talent Solutions to our clients to help them strategically and automatically connect with top talent in the digital age.

Promote your employer brand and company culture

Advertise job opportunities and attract active candidates

Do a precise search and engage with passive candidates

Online Learning for Teams & the Organization

combines industry-leading content from with personalized course recommendations based on insights from LinkedIn’s network. 

Talent Profiling & Assessment Solutions

Accurately measure proficiency and integrity levels with our Online Assessments

Virtual Reality Behavioral Assessment Tool

A Next-Generation Recruiting Platform that provides a data-driven approach to recruiting, utilizing mixed reality and machine learning technologies to learn your specific success metrics and find the optimal match.

Better Matches

x10 faster assessment experience with significantly higher predictive value

Talent Experience

Unprecedented candidate experience delivered through immersive technologies

Bespoke Solution

The only solution that truly understands your unique success factors and leverage them to find the optimal match

Diversity and Inclusion

Increase diversity and remove bias

Gauge competence and proficiency levels in highly specialized skills

Discover the new science of achieving and performing by harnessing any adversity that comes your way and digging deep to reach your most worthy goals in the best ways

Assess occupational integrity levels right at the beginning of the recruitment process

An innovative leader in business-relevant, innovative experiential learning programs that achieve specific training objectives and successfully drive lasting behaviour change