5 Advantages of working with a corporate learning intervention partner

learning intervention partner

Organizations in Southeast Asia face the challenge of striking a delicate balance between tradition and innovation, given the region’s unique cultural fabric and the rapid speed of technological progress. Change is necessary for every organization to keep up with the effects of these quick advances and combat the challenges of skill shortages and mismatches, increasing employee turnover, and the need to prepare emerging leaders.

However, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, only a sizable number of firms in Southeast Asia train their workforce. This has stunted the growth of private firms, significantly affecting economic stability and further elevating the need for every organization to address the upskilling and reskilling of their workforce. While some companies have expressed their eagerness to take a step further on their organizational development plan, many do not know where to begin.


Why work with a corporate learning intervention partner?


  • Works for your vision

What is your organizational development vision? This is the starting point. No effective learning intervention effort can take place without a clear vision. A corporate learning intervention partner will work towards understanding your overall developmental objective in order to build with you a learning plan unique to your organization’s needs. If you have an Organizational Development Team in place, your partner can work closely with them to achieve the desired result.


  • Diagnose developmental needs

Frequently, what you thought was a hard skill difficulty is actually a soft skill issue. Your learning intervention partner asks you the right questions to get to the heart of your developmental issue. There are evaluation tools available to help you objectively determine the demands of your workforce and provide a starting point for change. The organizational data that you will collect with your learning intervention partner will speak for itself on the areas to focus on across all jobs and tenures.


  • Craft a customized learning journey

At this point in the process, your learning intervention partner understands your business well enough to create curated and personalized learning interventions for your workforce based on seniority levels and skill requirements. It can include technical skill training, soft skill improvement, and leadership development. This depends on the identified need, allowing you to avoid costly development programs that do not address your workforce’s true necessities.


  • Implement and monitor learning progress

Entrusting the vision-driven implementation to a dependable corporate learning intervention partner relieves you of the legwork and brainwork of running development programs. This will allow you to concentrate on your daily operations and business development. If you have an existing OD in place, your partners can work hand in hand, making sure that the organizational development vision is being taken into consideration at every level of the process.


  • Results and Feedback 

An excellent learning intervention partner will not leave things to chance. They will measure the outcomes. This ensures that the implementation addresses the identified areas for improvement. They will collect feedback and keep track of what stakeholders and participants perceive as beneficial or ineffective. Depending on your degree of involvement, your learning intervention partner can create a follow-up or modify the programs to make the learning more effective.



Companies must remain competitive and profitable in the face of rapid technological advancements and new working methods. It is critical to maintain a robust, capable, and engaged workforce. It can only be achieved by putting people first. Having a strong organizational development vision and successfully communicating it to employees can boost morale as they perceive their contribution to the organization while also charting their personal career path within the company.


Viventis Talent Development

Viventis Talent Development is any organization’s’ trusted learning partner. We help companies understand their employee learning and development challenges and design meaningful, innovative, and immersive learning interventions to help them grow, nurture, and prepare their people for success.

Our future-ready, holistic, and transformative leadership interventions cover:

  • Experiential & Gamified Learning Programs
  • Leadership Full-Circle Program
  • Succession Planning
  • Coaching for Excellence


Discover what a learning intervention partner can do for you

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