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What is Leadership Training?

Leadership training and development help in the identification of high-potential individuals who are likely to become leaders as well as the expansion of the talents and knowledge of those who already function in leadership roles.

Leaders may require both soft and hard skills to succeed at your company. New and emerging leaders may need to improve listening, dispute resolution, and time management in order to take on their job. The apprentice must also become acquainted with your company’s principles and culture.

Senior managers, on the other hand, may require training to stay up to date with emerging trends and technology like artificial intelligence and virtual reality in order to better define the company’s overall strategy.

Why Invest in Leadership Training and Development?

The first compelling argument is growth. Your organization will eventually stagnate if your executives are not dedicated to continuous personal and professional growth.

Change management is the second strong factor. So much has transpired and changed since the pandemic began, and the corporate world is no exception. With the new normal, corporations understood the potential they could achieve and how many more people they could reach with today’s advanced technology.

According to recent Harvard Business School research, three significant forces are redefining the nature of work and demanding leadership training:

  1. Rapid Globalization – The majority of Forbes Global 2000 public corporations will have their headquarters in developing economies by 2025. This will necessitate leaders learning new skills in order to transcend physical and cultural barriers and lead teams across borders.
  2. Rise of Remote Workers – Because of the global pandemic, most, if not all, corporations resorted to working remotely to prevent their employees from contracting the virus and passing it onto the next person, and as time went by, many individuals took a liking to working from the comforts of their homes because not only did it help them save money they used to spend on public transportation, but they were also able to devote the time they spent traveling to doing other things around the house, and they were also able to spend more quality time with their families. As a result, their productivity skyrocketed, and many people’s mental health improved too. Leaders will need to learn not just how to manage dispersed teams but also how to engage and unite them.
  3. Generational Gaps – Gen Y (Millennials) and Gen Z are rising to positions of leadership and offering fresh perspectives on work and learning. This puts traditional leadership practices under pressure and demands training to overcome differences.

Finally, the third compelling reason to engage in leadership training is the leadership gap—the reality that businesses are having difficulty filling leadership roles.

These factors make leadership development not only necessary but also something to include in your ongoing talent development.

At Viventis Search Asia, we have a program called “Emerging Leaders,” which is designed for those in supervisory roles who desire more in-depth training that will benefit not just them but also the firm as a whole. This is also ideal for individuals who will be the next in command or trainee leaders.

The program consists of six (6) programs divided into various modules covering topics from self-mastery, strategic thinking, enabling teams and all the way up to prepping up for succession. These programs can be offered as standalone or as a series grouped in thematic sections.

Viventis Search Asia has always cared about and sought to assist business owners in improving their companies in any way possible, because we believe that continuous development is essential to gaining a competitive advantage, and equipping your talent with the right skills through training will help them prepare for what’s next.

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