How Conversational AI does more than Automation

Recruitment automation and transformation seems to be developing as we go and the majority of HR professionals would agree this is the way to go to enhance the overall role and function of the Human Resource department when it comes to taking care of candidates and existing employees and focusing on preparing themselves for more transformational roles.

But how prepared are we in terms of understanding the different uses and functions of AI in recruitment? As technology enhances, so do our human capabilities and as we continue to practice HR, it would be useful to constantly educate ourselves and our fellow practitioners on the different uses of AI in recruitment as well as their values, features and uses.

In this blog, we’ll run down the importance of Conversational AI and how it enhances certain areas in recruitment. But let’s start with defining the term:

What is Conversational AI? 

You may have heard of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) and chatbots. But aside from these, another word that you may often encounter when being presented with HR solutions or researching about AI in recruitment is Conversational AI. 

Curious Thing AI defines Conversational AI as a set of technologies that enable computers to understand and process natural language inputs so that they can ‘talk’ with humans. To put this in a simpler context, thanks to Conversational AI, we can now interact with machines the same way we do with other humans!

“The value of conversational AI is in bridging this communication gap between humans and computers to achieve more natural and useful interactions. – Curious Thing”


Ways Conversational brings value to HR beyond automation 

Conversational AI is one of the most promising technologies to exist in the recruitment automation space. We do know that automating HR processes is one of the key benefits that it provides to the Human Resources function. What used to take hours can be accomplished and processed within minutes or even seconds thanks to this development. In return, HR teams can now focus on high level tasks and have them continuously evolve into more functional roles.

But aside from automating processes, here’s how Conversational AI can bring value to your overall recruitment process:

  • Helps provide valuable and unbiased insights about a candidate 

Recruitment technology tools that use Conversational AI have the ability to sort out and interpret data from a candidate in an unbiased manner. Thanks to the continuous development of the technology, it now has the ability to process information about a candidate based on his/her answers to both close and open ended questions.

As soon as the candidate completes the interview or screening process, the results are handed over to your HR teams real time and are processed and interpreted in an unbiased way. The use of conversational AI eliminates information about a candidate that is prone to biases such as language accent, gender, age etc.

  • Increases candidate engagement and enhance employer branding at every touch point 

One advantage of using Conversational AI aside from automating processes is giving all candidates a chance to go through your screening and interview process. This is important most especially now that most candidates are particular when it comes to the touchpoints that they get the moment they express their interest to join your company. With this technology and capability, everyone will be given a fair and equal opportunity to apply and even if they are not chosen for the job, their candidate experience from you will still leave a good lasting impression!


  • Analyze and interpret key behavioral traits 

Other recruitment technology tools that use Conversational AI beyond chatbots have the ability to optimize the discovery of a candidate’s behavioral traits and capabilities. According to Curious Thing, who uses the technology for their hiring solutions, it has the unique ability to generate and ask within-context questions on the fly based on the candidate’s responses, in turn fulfilling your interest in getting to know your candidate better.

Read more about how Curious Thing measures behavioral traits using AI 

Examples of platforms that use Conversational AI in Recruitment

Now that you have an idea of what Conversation AI can bring to your team, here are some examples of the different types of recruitment technologies that fall under the category:

Curious Thing AI makes use of Conversational AI to gain valuable insights on a candidate through AI based assessments. Their technology is also capable of measuring english language proficiency and key behavioural attributes such as resilience and motivation.

To witness Curious Thing in action, learn more here or book a demo with an expert. 

If you’re looking for a tool that you can integrate with your Facebook messenger and recruitment campaigns, TalkPush can provide you with top of the funnel hiring solutions that can help screen candidates based on your minimum hiring requirements.

If you’re looking for an all in one talent intelligence solution, Eightfold handles end to end talent management from acquisition to finding the right projects that match the skills and overall development of the employee.

Now that you’ve somewhat have a grasp of the value Conversational AI brings beyond hiring automation, you and your teams are now ready to level up your skills in HR with the help of various recruitment technology tools. If you’re still on the lookout for the best platform that can address your specific need, feel free to reach out to our Viventis Career Technology experts for a brief consultation or demo.



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