How is Viventis keeping HR practices more human?

How is Viventis keeping HR practices more human?

Is Human Resource missing its humanity? With the rise of HR technology, which has taken over numerous human resource activities, and the ravaging of unprecedented economic, health, and world crises, the HR department is facing controversies about how they are no longer for people but for the convenience and preservation of company operations.  According to Forbes, “we saw HR get pulled into the role of heroes and villains” as they juggle between being an advocate for the employees and a service partner for the organization. Meanwhile, according to a 2022 survey by Harvard Business Review, 37% of respondents believe HR is more interested in advocating for their company than they are for themselves. How can HR departments keep or even strengthen humanity in their practices and operations? What does Viventis do to make its HR processes more human?   How is Viventis keeping HR practices more human?  

How Viventis does it

Viventis, as a human capital management company, approaches this in two ways: externally, through its services and external relationships, and internally, towards its own workforce.  

External Approach

  • Championing people’s career Its Talent Attraction career experts stand out as candidate partners, ushering individuals towards their career aspirations. They are not transactional but place the applicant’s interest first in presenting the opportunities from partner organizations. They keep the relationship with the candidates and see them beyond their resumes and as a person with potential capabilities.What our candidates are saying
  • Building people’s skills Viventis Talent Development partners with organizations to craft a personalized people development strategy that goes beyond the computer screen and paper. The assessments, sit down discussions, and interactive activities that are being implemented with the client’s workforce promote personal reflection, character growth, soft and hard skill development, teamwork, and a lot more.
Viventis Talent Development Career Technology Partners
  • Strengthening people’s systems through technology With the vision of improving the employee life cycle of partner organizations, Viventis Career Technology employs technological tools that streamline and automate HR processes, which are repetitive and time-consuming. This allows its partners to focus on what is important: being a human touchpoint for the employees.

Internal Approach

Viventis people-centric approaches promote humanity within its own operations by embodying its core values of Family, Grit, Career, Agility, Collaboration, and Excellence, through the following:
  • Meeting the need of the workforce The pandemic caused a lot of organizations to lay off manpower in order to keep their companies afloat, which is understandable. But the Executive Director of Viventis Search Asia, Yu Ming Chin, took it upon himself to lay off no one during this critical period. Along with the HR Team, there are some positions and assignments adjusted to keep providing a livelihood for affected employees. The HR Department quickly rolled out the work-from-home setup to promote the safety of every employee. Medical assistance and sanitary kits have been supplied to the employees. Three years later, Viventis has adopted a hybrid working setup that mutually benefits the employees and the organization’s growth.

Watch what their employees are saying about working at Viventis.

  • Encourages and prioritizes professional growth Viventis regularly conducts training for skill development and leadership capability building. The HR department partners with the Viventis Talent Development team and internal career experts to come up with programs catered to the needs of the employees.
Viventis Trainings
  • Foster a culture for excellence Viventis is big on mentorship. The practice of excellence by the directors and senior directors is being passed down to the consultants. Everyone is being given a chance to handle challenging deals and is being acknowledged regularly for their successes. 
Viventis excellence  
  • Promotes camaraderie and family culture Fun, exciting, and, at times, unpredictable. That characterizes the activities and events being assembled at Viventis. Every event is an opportunity for everyone to enjoy themselves, get acquainted with other employees, and get their fill of food and even booze. 
Viventis is fun
  • Inclusivity Viventis embraces differences and colors. Composed of a diverse age group, it honors unique talents by engaging employees with internal activities that can help them develop their gifts better – from hosting, sports, singing, crafts, and a lot more. It celebrates gender as a spectrum, providing a safe space for all colors within the organization. 
Viventis diversity and inclusivity  

Read more about what Viventis has done over the years here.


Why is this important now more than ever?

  If there is benefit from the recent and ongoing permacrisis, it is how the people define what is important for them. The focus on mental wellness has been bigger than before. The physical wellness of employees has been an organization’s responsibility too. Work-life balance has been a no brainer.   Prioritizing the needs of the people fosters an inspired, motivated, and equipped workforce. The equipping and training provide the organizations with prepared and agile individuals who can navigate skillfully through the changes of time and advancements in technology.    Viventis is a firm believer that putting people first drives the organization forward.      

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