How to Lead Even Without a Leadership Role

Leadership is not synonymous with a position or role.

Just because you don’t have a title, that doesn’t mean you’re not a leader. But if there comes a time when you’re getting ready to take the leap and grab that title or position of a team leader or a manager, you would have to be able to demonstrate leadership at work.

A Young Leader


Working on any team creates leadership moments that you’ve probably seized upon in the past. You just might not have known about them, or you might not have recognized them.


Below are different ways in which you can demonstrate leadership. 

  • Take Responsibility

When a new assignment appears, take initiative and be the first to volunteer for new tasks that involve and further develop your skillset. And with this, always take responsibility for whatever you contribute, even when things go wrong. Don’t try to shift blame, and make excuses. Take ownership and work to find solutions. That responsibility mentality is also what separates aspiring leaders from inevitable leaders.

  • Share accomplishments

Leaders who believe that the success of teams outweighs that of an individual are essential in every organization. Always ensure that others are included in meetings, brainstorming sessions, and even key decisions. The level at which you are able to involve others in your own projects, or even offer to help others in their own projects, reveals the level of leadership you’re ready for.

With this collaboration, you’ll be able to benefit from learning about a more diverse set of experiences and skills and be able to build relationships with people who might just be part of your own team one day.

  • Be Open & Speak Up

Be open and willing to share your ideas in meetings and be open to not just offer, but receive feedback from your colleagues and supervisors. Be willing to fight for and champion any ideas, be it yours or your teams, when decisions are being made. You don’t have to be out there and constantly babble through offering your thoughts, but you do have to get up and get out there.

If you’re a bit shy or introverted, you can bring this up privately to the people who want to hear your ideas. If you truly believe that you have a great idea to contribute, you owe it to your team to speak up.

  • Ask Questions

Asking questions is a surefire way to speak up when you don’t have an idea to present. This shows your dedication and enthusiasm to the team, and even your ability to see things others may not. Asking questions during meetings or conversations with your team helps people think through their ideas and find improvements. Being able to be open and ask questions often leads to you being seen as a source for advice and aid.

  • Deliver, deliver, deliver!

Always deliver on what you promise. Get your work done on time and to the standard that’s expected. When you volunteer for assignments and projects, make sure you can deliver on them as well.

In organizations, the people who get fast-tracked for leadership roles are the ones who are seen as high performers. It’s important to be a team player, to speak up, and ask questions. But if you’re doing all of that yet failing at your assigned tasks, then you may not keep your existing role for long — let alone be considered for leadership roles.


A leadership title may be taken away or have to pass but your leadership qualities cannot! It is a lifelong skill, useful beyond the confines of work, and can be passed down to the people you lead or work with along the way.


Do you see the value in learning leadership for you and your organization? Request for a custom workshop dedicated to elevating leadership within your organization. Our Viventis Talent Development Team can help. 


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