Viventis Search Asia Wins Most Innovative Company of the Year in Asia Leaders Awards 2022

November 22, 2022, ManilaViventis Search Asia is awarded the Most Innovative Company of the Year by Asia Leaders Awards. Executive Director Yu Ming Chin, was joined by our leadership team to commemorate this milestone. 

The award seeks the most innovative services and technologies introduced and implemented within the last 3 years. Marking more than 2 decades in the industry, Viventis has proven to provide services that go beyond executive search and recruitment by focusing on providing holistic Human Resource solutions. 

Innovation and Excellence: A Key Driver to Success 

In 2016, Viventis saw the need to pivot from a purely transactional recruitment model to enable transformation for organizations and career growth for candidates. With the fast-changing business landscape and uncertainties ahead, Yu Ming and the industry experts at Viventis saw the need to better position and comprehend the future need of clients and how candidates look for jobs by offering solutions that go beyond recruitment. Among these innovative solutions are: 

  • Outsourcing and Offshoring for growing businesses 

With its mission to transform careers and organizations across all career levels and industries, it elevated its services to cater to businesses that would like to set up operations in the Philippines through its offshoring and outsourcing services. This gave an opportunity to provide more jobs to Filipinos helping them stay ahead of the tough competition for talent. 

The demand for more talent in the country has allowed Viventis to find new ways to attract and source talent from upgrading to a more strategic approach to recruitment that leverages technology tools, analytics, recruitment marketing, and candidate engagement. 

  • Recruitment Technology

It also introduced new career technology solutions that enable human resource professionals to maximize the use of technology that synergizes with human capabilities making it a key driver for business recovery as well as in retaining and attracting the right talent.

  • Talent Community

Lastly, with its recent partnership with LiveHire, a total talent solutions platform, it launched its talent community to bridge job seekers to the right opportunities that are in line with their career aspirations. 

Yu Ming expressed his gratitude to all employees, clients, candidates, and key stakeholders for being instrumental in realizing Viventis’ mission. 

Key Drivers for Success

Viventis has demonstrated innovation by continuously transforming the human capital industry to help organizations hire the right talent, develop their employees and their leaders and bring in technology that can further enhance the role of human resources and operate in this unpredictable era. Here’s what the organization has learned from being in the industry for 21 years: 

  • Not to believe that your current success becomes your overrated comfort zone. Apply an expansive visualization by looking at how people would look for work, how people would get trained, and assess how the industry has radically changed.
  • Learn how to break the rules and norms. We need to learn how to fail fast, learn fast, and follow fast.
  • Know how to change on an incremental basis. One cannot leap from the future and just abandon the ship. Co-managing both the current business model and the new business moving forward will be instrumental to long-term success.

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