Viventis Total Talent Solutions: Our sustainable approach to building and attracting talents

The human capital landscape is constantly evolving, and new disruptions continue to arise. Industries have bridged over the new normal to the never-normal through the inescapable permacrisis—a long period of great difficulty, confusion, or suffering that seems to have no end. This has impacted how organizations deal with people amidst the pressure of staying afloat and providing a reliable livelihood for the nation’s workforce.

How do we, as a partner of organizations in championing careers for growth and economic vigor, aid in creating a sustainable approach to maintaining a healthy employee life cycle?


Viventis Search Asia has been a leading human capital management company for over two decades. We pride ourselves on our end-to-end integrated talent solutions that cover the entire employee lifecycle, from building leadership teams to sustaining business processes and skill development with the use of the latest technologies.

Our presence has expanded from the Philippines to Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. We were recently awarded back-to-back as an Inspiring Workplace in Asia 2023 by the Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability Awards and as Company of the Year: Human Capital by the Asia Leaders Awards.


Viventis is your strategic talent solutions partner in four crucial human resource processes. 

We BUILD by setting up your organization for success by helping you place  your key leadership roles and competencies with our 2 decades of practice.

We ATTRACT by bridging organizations to top-tier talent with the latest technology and branding strategy and help build a workforce that drives excellence and growth.

We RETAIN by cultivating a culture of continuous growth within your organization.

We SUSTAIN through enhancing and sustaining effective talent strategies with the latest tools and technology.



Viventis Core Expertise

For over two decades, Viventis has helped multiple organizations from various industries through its robust and innovative core expertise that covers crucial employee lifecycle management processes.


Viventis Talent Attraction

We do more than just recruitment. We do talent attraction. 

Championing people’s careers and partnering with organizations for a sustainable flow of talents amidst economic, health, and worldwide challenges is at the heart of what we do. 

We offer outstanding and results-driven talent acquisition services, such as:

  • Executive search
  • By Industry Hiring
  • Volume
  • Recruitment process outsourcing
  • Staff augmentation (by Viventis Interim)
  • Employer branding


Viventis Talent Development

Viventis Talent Development is any organization’s’ trusted learning partner. We help companies understand their employee learning and development challenges and design meaningful, innovative, and immersive learning interventions to help them grow, nurture, and prepare their people for success.

Our future-ready, holistic, and transformative leadership interventions cover:

  • Experiential & Gamified Learning Programs
  • Leadership Full-Circle Program
  • Succession Planning
  • Coaching for Excellence



Viventis Career Technology

We provide technological HR solutions to help businesses grow. Whether it’s sourcing, screening, retaining talent or growing your talent community, our globally acclaimed technology platforms will activate your first step to building the organization of the future.

  • Hiring & Sourcing Solutions
  • Total Assessment Suite
  • Learning Platforms + Libraries




For years, we have cemented our expertise in recruitment, becoming a leader in talent attraction in the Philippines, Indonesia, and other key cities in Southeast Asia. We’ve consistently evolved, always prioritizing a people-centric approach. As a result, it has borne fruit in more innovative solutions for developing talents and accelerating growth by partnering with renowned technology providers. Then, today. 

We grow by forecasting your needs. We make headway in response to diverse organizational necessities. Partnering with us is growing with us.


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