AN ICON: Celebrating 22 Years of Excellence

Viventis Search Asia stands as a steadfast testament to the enduring virtues of hard work, grit, and resilience as it proudly marks 22 years of remarkable accomplishments.

On the memorable day of August 18, 2023, a spirit of joy and festivity enveloped the Viventis Career Center at the EDSA Shangri-la Hotel as the organization’s extended family—from dedicated employees to cherished friends and relatives—convened to honor a journey defined by excellence. Under the resounding theme “AN ICON: Celebrating 22 Years of Excellence,” this anniversary celebration radiated with a profound reflection of the company’s triumphs and evolution over time, placing its exceptional workforce at the heart of the festivities.

Within this milestone lies an unwavering truth: an organization derives its essence from the people who breathe life into its mission. The tireless commitment, unwavering passion, and relentless perseverance exhibited by the employees have been the cornerstone of Viventis Search Asia’s trajectory. Beyond mere numerical achievements, this celebration also served as a tribute to the embodiment of the company’s core values—a testament to how these values have not only been embraced but also integrated into every facet of the organization’s journey.

The festivities commenced with a captivating opening act featuring a handpicked ensemble of teammates hailing from different business units. Their mesmerizing dance performance set the tone for the evening, followed by a performance by the new hires who onboarded the team from January to August 2023.

In perfect harmony with the celebration’s theme, a captivating wave of creativity swept through Viventis, urging everyone to personify their favorite icons. Teammates joined in the excitement by dressing up as their favorite icons, which included musicians, movie stars, and beloved cartoon characters. This brought together a vibrant mix of personalities and added to the festive atmosphere.

Even the organization’s very own executive director, Yu Ming Chin, brought his A-game and displayed his dedication and enthusiasm. Alongside him, his accomplished EO team joined the spirit of the event by cosplaying as the iconic characters: Professor Utonium and the Powerpuff Girls from the classic cartoon series, The Powerpuff Girls.

Adding a touch of intrigue to the ensemble was Jake Jefferson Abuso, the newest member of the team. In a display of audacious ingenuity, he metamorphosed into the enigmatic HIM, a legendary antagonist from the classic cartoon series that tied their entire group together perfectly.

Later that enchanting evening, four fortunate victors were crowned in recognition of their unparalleled creativity, passion, and impeccable accuracy in bringing their chosen iconic figures to life. Following the exhilarating costume contest, the night unfolded with joyous smiles still gracing everyone’s faces as they indulged in a delectable array of food and refreshing beverages. All throughout the night, the stage came alive with electrifying performances from several team members, further adding to the vibrant atmosphere.

A few members of the VSA team also participated in an exhilarating dance showdown, where each of them showcased their unique interpretation and style in the ‘Gento’ challenge. As the evening progressed toward its climax, Drex Xyvorl Macagba and Angel Sabiduria from the Career Technology team took center stage, serenading the entire gathering with their enchanting voices. Their soulful melodies were accompanied by the equally impressive Crafted Noise band, who are already a staple at Viventis celebration parties.

The night peaked as the spotlight shone on employees who had been integral to the company for over five years (some winners have already been with the organization since its first day!) This was a significant moment, not only commemorating their contributions but also expressing sincere gratitude for their unwavering support and dedication to the organization’s mission and vision.

Parallel to the awards, the evening was marked by lively raffle giveaways that added an extra layer of anticipation for the fortunate Viventis employees present. Luck determined the winners, who walked away with prizes ranging from dining experiences at top restaurants to refreshing vacation getaways and, of course, coveted cash rewards.

The bright smiles and infectious laughter that filled the Career Center perfectly encapsulated the enchanting evening. The sensation was unmistakable—it felt as if Christmas had arrived ahead of schedule at Viventis Search Asia!

Fueled by newfound inspiration and a resolute determination to surpass past accolades, Viventis Search Asia is on a steadfast mission to establish itself as a premier human capital solutions provider, not only in the Asia-Pacific region but hopefully on a bigger, wider stage.

The organization’s commitment remains unwavering, as it continues to extend invaluable support to both organizations and candidates, offering expert guidance to elevate their career pathways.

Simultaneously, Viventis Search Asia is dedicated to delivering unparalleled services while acknowledging the individuals who drive its success.

Happy 22nd Anniversary, Viventis!

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