Talent Attraction: A Proactive Approach to Recruitment

Companies are in competition, not just for clients but for competitive talents. Recruiting for workers is more challenging than ever after The Great Resignation. Employees feel more empowered and confident to leave their employers and at the same time, the labor market has gone tighter as the economy started to rise from the ruckus brought about by a global health crisis.

How can you change the way you recruit to compete and complete an agile workforce?

If recruitment or talent acquisition is an action or process of finding new people to join an organization, you need to hear about talent attraction.

Talent attraction is a proactive approach to recruitment. It is the ability of an individual or an organization to convince and make an irresistible offer to a person who may or may not be looking for new or better career opportunities.

Talent attraction takes expertise and industry knowledge. It requires understanding company requirements based on industry, diving into their organizational values, and recommending a compelling offer that is hard to resist.

It is a salesly approach to find the “why” of both the candidate and the organization to create a perfect match.

Take a look at some insights shared by our top-performing talent attraction experts and learn best practices on how our fellow human resource professionals conquer the disruptions in the workplace here.

This is what Viventis has done best for the past 20 years. We are in the business of bridging and building people for organizations with the use of the latest technology. We have assisted over 1,500 companies with their recruitment, talent development, and career technology needs over the years.

Viventis Talent Attraction’s services range from Executive Hiring, By Industry Hiring, Volume Hiring, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, and Contingent Workforce Hiring.

We are committed to continuing to transform careers for the next decades to come.

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