Why you need AQ & Grit

We’re well over 2 years into a pandemic. What we once assumed to be a short, two-week lockdown, has become a large, life-changing event. We have never been more stressed, both at home and at work. With multiple demands placed on us by our families, companies, or businesses.

College degrees, academic credentials, and even experience aren’t enough to get and stay ahead anymore.

What you need is to develop your inner grit, and build resilience.


Resilience is the ability to cope with a crisis. Resiliency is measurable by two tests called the AQ Profile and Grit Gauge. Anything that can be measured can be improved. And the more a person is exposed to difficulty and challenges, the higher his or her level of resiliency becomes.


But, where did this idea to focus on resiliency come from?

Dr. Paul G. Stoltz is the world’s leading authority on the integration and application of grit and resilience. He is the originator of the Adversity Quotient and the world’s leading expert on the subject. He founded PEAK Learning® in 1987 and now works with top companies, leaders, and thinkers worldwide. Including Viventis Search Asia.

The Adversity Quotient – AQ for short- came out in 1997.  Stoltz argued that while IQ and EQ certainly play a part in determining success in life, they by no means guarantee it. No matter how high your IQ (your brain power) or how strong your EQ (capacity to manage your emotions) is, it is your AQ that affects your drive and motivation.


What is AQ, and why is it so meaningful to you?

The Adversity Quotient or AQ is the ability to turn obstacles into opportunities. It is neither hereditary nor based on gender, age, or any definite demographic. It is influenced by culture, history, and geographic location– factors that can be changed.

A person’s AQ can be measured through four dimensions: control, ownership, reach, and endurance.

Control is how someone perceives they can influence what happens next.

Ownership is the accountability and likelihood of someone taking responsibility for improving the situation.

Reach is the extent to which someone perceives adversity or a challenge to reach into, or affect beyond, other aspects of the situation.

Endurance is the length of time the individual perceives the situation or adversity to last.


GRIT is defined as the science of what it takes to succeed. It’s whatever it takes to achieve a goal. Human resilience, the way we respond to adversity, is a hardwired pattern and is therefore a product of our subconscious. James Hargrove noted that memories and things are valued most when forged through sacrifice, struggle, and suffering.

Grit is measured by four dimensions: growth, resilience, instinct, and tenacity.

Growth is the completion of a goal through innovation and creativity.

Resilience is the capacity to respond constructively to all kinds of adversity.

Instinct is your gut-level capacity to pursue the right goals through strategic planning or insightfulness.

Tenacity is the degree to which you persist and relentlessly go after a goal. 


When measuring AQ and GRIT, there is no pass or fail. The way the scores vary, either per person, per group, or per company, each represents a different profile. Each job, role, or position also has different ideal scores.

Today, AQ and GRIT, are the most widely adopted methods of their kind in the world for measurably enhancing one’s resilience, agility, and GRIT—currently in use by industry-leading companies, top institutions, and many governments in 137 countries across six continents.


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