Viventis Talent Community Goes LIVE!

On November 4, 2022, Viventis Search Asia held their monthly town hall to celebrate the company’s accomplishments and other milestones from the month of October, and in order to keep the ball rolling, they also discussed their goals and objectives moving forward.

Daniel Du, the head of human resources, proudly announced the launch of the organization’s very own career and talent community page, where both applicants and employers that embody the same principle and ambition can gather and develop connections with one another. 

That’s why, in order to bridge great organizations and talented people, one of the steps forward that the company believes will help them accomplish their goals is the: 

Viventis Talent Community

The community was designed by Viventis Career Experts with a goal to create an interface that gives a fun yet professional vibe that can cater to all ages regardless of where they are in their career journey.

Aspiring professionals may create their profile and apply for the job that most interests them in just three simple steps:


Viventis Talent Community is powered by LiveHire, one of Viventis Search Asia’s most trusted and reputable Career Technology partners, making the candidate experience all the more user-friendly.

Here’s why you should join the Talent Community today:

  1. Get noticed by the best companies in the country
  2. Get ahead of the latest job opportunities
  3. Build relationships with like-minded professionals and organizations

As Viventis approaches its 22nd year in 2023, they are taking recruitment and candidate engagement to a whole new level with the debut of their cutting-edge Talent Community, making them more than ready and equipped to transform and shape careers.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to stay updated on the latest career opportunities and connect with the best career experts in town and sign up to the Viventis Talent Community today!

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